1) What do we do?

Rabbit Retouch is an online photo retouching service in which you upload your digital files and then our professional photo editors at Rabbit Retouch will do the retouching work to your files.

2) What types of retouching do we do?

We specialize in enhancing image of people from snap shots to portraits to repair of old snapshots and portraits.

The list is endless of the types of retouching we have done. Here are some of the more commen tasks:

- lighten or darken image    - remove blemishes   - remove or soften wrinkles      - whiten teeth  - remove dust spots, scratches, creases to old photos                   - change background   - remove object(s) -  weight loss or gain - merge photos

3) Do we do specific requests?

With Rabbit Retouch you can have your photos retouched as little as you like or as much as you like.  Most photos of ourselves can be greatly improved by small touch ups or complete make overs. We have all had unflattering pictures taken of ourselves we can turn an outtake into an outstanding photo.

 We allow you to give written instructions for each photo uploaded.  We will work with you to achieve the result you desire and if needed will redo it to your satisfaction at no charge. 

4) Why hire our service when one can try doing it on their own?

You may have found on line photo editors or software and tried to do it yourself with a lot of frustration and energy spent and still not achieved the result you need. We have tested a lot of products and in reality found it far too time consuming to learn and virtually impossible for some people to learn such a specialized skill. Rabbit Retouch offers such a reasonable price so it makes it so worth it to free up your time for all the other fun things in life.  Our photo editors have many years and experience and it will take a load off your plate to get the job done right and quick.

5) What if I have my pictures in hard copy and not digital?

You will need to scan your file with a scanner or go to a business that offers scanning services (examples: Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot). Make sure to have it scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi for the print size required.  There is no need to scan any higher than 300 dpi and the larger you scan the file it is more time consuming to upload the file onto our server with our uploader.

6) Is Rabbit Retouch a secure website to make a payment?

Rabbit Retouch does not store your banking information on our website. When you click on the "Pay Now" button when ordering retouching you will be directed to Pay Pal which is a very well known safe efficient convenient payment processing service. You will be immediately redirected back to our website upon completion of your order. 

7) What resolution of file do we prefer?  If the file is too small it makes it very difficult to retouch and give you the result you need.  Try to send files that close to 300 dpi at actual print size. Only send files larger if you need a super huge wall photo.

8) Turn around times? One day on basic retouching. It is up to our photo editors to determine if more time would be needed and you would be notified. For more extensive work it can take one to two weeks.

9) I see a usenditlink? This link makes it easier for bulk larger orders and the upload speed will be much faster. Also if you are photographer we request that you  Rar (winrar) your file so it makes it easy to upload and that is the preference of delivery. Here is a safe link for download


If you send your files this way payments are made directly to www.paypal.com and you would be able to send a payment to our email address  info@rabbitretouch.com